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The Trade Development Bureau(TDB) of the Ministry of Commerce is an official policy implementation and trade promotion agency directly under the Ministry of Commerce of the P. R. China.

Established in 2003, TDB seeks to fully implement national trade policies, provide public services related to foreign trade development, and promote exchanges and communications between Chinese and overseas companies, through organizing economic and trade seminars, conferences, exhibitions, business trainings, and export & import promotion events.

Trade Promotion is a crucial means to boost high-quality trade development, as well as an important approach to transfer China from a trader of quantity into a trader of quality. TDB will keep in mind China's new development stage, stress full, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development philosophy, support the new development dynamic, create various modes of trade promotion, build effective and efficient platforms for enterprises, with the aim of facilitating high-quality and innovative development of foreign trade, and accelerating the economic flows both domestically and internationally.

Wu Zhengping

Director-General of Trade Development Bureau

Ministry of Commerce, PRC


Delivering public services to help Chinese enterprises go global, and to facilitate foreign businesses to develop in China.

Committing the exhibitions organized by MOFCOM.

Organizing official trade promotion activities hosted by MOFCOM.

In charge of the daily management of Overseas Business Service Center.

Supporting international marketing activities and facilitating mutual exchanges and communications between Chinese and foreign companies.

Organizing various exhibitions both at home and abroad, promoting win-win cooperation.

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